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Badalkurunduwatta ,Mirissa,0774567711
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Location : Mirissa
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  • Monday :8.30 A.m -5.30 P.m
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  • Saturday :8.30 a.m -5.30 p.m
  • Sunday :8.30 a.m -5.30 p.m

Art of Bathik


kisspng-clip-art-portable-network-graphics-batik-image-vec-florals-sonia-editor-5b883e12cac748.0673562315356554428306Business name        :Art of Bathik

Permanent address    : Badalkurunduwatta , Mirissa

Email                            :[email protected]

Hot line                     : 0774567711


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Art Of Batik

Art Of Batik work is the art of using wax on fabric when dyeing in order to avoid dyeing a certain section of the fabric. This method is also known as wax-resist dyeing.

The material usually used is cotton as it captures the dyes without fading much with use. The wax is dripped in a pattern or design using a spouted tool called a canting, or printed in preset design using a copper stamp called a cap. A stiff brush is used to apply the wax for larger patterns. The material is then immersed in dye and the wax is removed with boiling water afterward. This leaves the waxed area a different colour in comparison to the dyed area. The process is repeated with different areas being waxed and dyes of different shades for complex multicoloured designs.

The designs are usually very colourful and unique.



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