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Business name          : NIHON ECO MART CO. (PVT.) LTD
Business Category    : Motors / Car Service
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Business start date   : Since 2015

Eco-Friendly Auto Care

                                 NEM Hybrid Solution proactively takes extraordinary steps to protect our environment by helping our customers maintain the most efficient and safe vehicles possible. By maintaining a vehicle in good working condition they will experience increases in fuel economy as well as reduced emissions. This can have a positive impact on our environment.


Vehicle Scanning

When you come to a NEM Hybrid Solution for any service, we offer a free courtesy checkup for your vehicle.

We examine your tires, fluid levels, belts, lights, wipers, battery hoses and more. Our goal is to help you keep your car in tip-top shape. When you take care of your vehicle, it runs better and lasts longer – Our auto technicians help you watch out for anything that needs to be fixed.

engine Tune-Up

Regular engine tune-ups bring power and efficiency back to your car. At NEM Hybrid Solution, we visually inspect all of your engine components and install new parts (including spark plugs and fuel filters) as needed.

After Complete Auto Care car tune-up, you’ll discover your engine starts easier, runs smoother and is more efficient. A regular engine tune-up will lower emissions, improve fuel economy and restore lost power.

Lube Service

This isn’t your standard oil change. Whether your vehicle needs conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend or full synthetic oil, the NEM Oil Change is comprehensive preventive maintenance to check, change, inspect, flush, fill and clean essential systems and components of your vehicle. Plus, trained NEM technicians go over a visual checklist to diagnose potential problems and plan any upcoming manufacturer recommended maintenance.

Interer Clean

The Interior of a car needs to be protected and cleaned because it gathers and harbors dust and other impurities that can be harmful to health. Dirt causes vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather to crack and discolour.

The Interior detailing process uses spray extractor machines, premium shampoos and conditioners to remove dirt and stains from seats, carpets and upholstery, be it fabric, leather or vinyl.

EFI Tune-up

We can repair anything from carburettors to highly technical Fuel Injection problems. We carry out diagnostic work and also repair faulty components like fuel pump, fuel Injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel tank or even just a fuel filter.

Suspension Repair

Balance, stability and smoothness – they’re what ensure a comfortable ride for you and your passengers, and your car’s steering and suspension are what make this possible. Steering and suspension are responsible for keeping your wheels firmly intact with the ground, and a major player in keeping your car from veering to one side or the road.

If your vehicle’s suspension isn’t working properly, you’re in for a bumpy ride – literally. At the first sign of trouble, bring your car in for suspension services. Symptoms of a faltering suspension system include Noise when driving over bumps, Vehicle bouncing, Hard turning, Uneven tire wear,Wandering wheels.

Power Stering Repair

The first step in solving your steering problem is diagnosing your vehicle. During a Complete Vehicle Inspection, our tire and auto service professionals will inspect all major systems in your car, including the steering and suspension. We’ll assess the state of your car’s Front End, Read End, Shocks, Coil Springs, Struts, Bushings, CV Joints and Axles, Chassis Parts, Wheel Bearings, Differential, Power Steering, Power Steering Fluid.


Business Timings

  • Monday       : 8am – 5pm
  • Tuesday       : 8am – 5pm
  • Wednesday : 8am – 5pm
  • Thursday     : 8am – 5pm
  • Friday          : 8am – 5pm
  • Saturday     : 8am – 5pm
  • Sunday        : 8am – 5pm
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