Pathway International -student visa requirements for Australia

Pathway International -student visa requirements for Australia

Pathway International is a developing consulting firm which is trusted among students and has gained recognition for its exclusive services. We guide prospective Sri Lankan students to overcome the difficulties and obstacles of the visa process. We offer students valuable advice according to their requirements, qualifications and budget in a personalized friendly manner while maintaining the confidentiality of the information.

Pathway International looks into the eligibility of the students, documents required, validity and legitimacy of the relevant documents, processing time and other related issues to ensure that the visa process takes place smoothly. We also abide by the legal requirements of the countries we involve with as well as the requirements of Sri Lanka.

Treating each student in an equal manner while building a good relationship is a main aspect we look into. Keeping this in mind, our team of friendly, qualified, experienced and multilingual staff is always ready to reach out to those who require our services.


We provide expert advice and guidance on student visa procedure.
Look into the students needs, budget and opt for the most suitable study area and country.
We also assist with application, accommodation and travel arrangements.

Student Perspective Strategies
  • Deliver quality services to students.
  • Make information accessible to students.
  • Enhance the quality and reach of our services.
  • Advise student on college and visa application.
  • Assist with admission & visa procedure.
Institution Perspective Strategies.
  • Strengthen our relationship with Colleges and Universities.
  • Undertake the responsibility of recruiting students.
  • Handle student information confidentially.
  • Introduce qualified and financially able students.
Business Perspective Strategies.
  • Develop plans to expend the opportunities.
  • Improve strategy, governance and decision making.
  • Develop capacity to work together.
  • Develop skills & abilities.
  • Ensure lasting relationships by maintaining high standards.


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Pathway International Visa and Migration Pvt Ltd
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146 Negombo Rd,
Wattala 11300

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