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Business name         : Lahiru pest control & env services pvt ltd.
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Proving of pest control service.including termite control treatment fumigation general pest control treatment hornet control etc.

Termites- subterranean
(Reticulitermes speratus )

subterranean termites are the most destructive and economically important insect pest of wood and other  cellulose products. They attack wood through out most of the countries in the world.

b. Termite Ecology

In their natural habits , termites breakdown  dead or dying plants material and thus  they important part of the nutrient cycle. When termites feed on wooden structures they become pests.


Biological and physical characteristics of the subterranean termites Colony

Termites a social insects they live in highly organized colonies. Each colony is composed of individuals that have different physical features and/or behavioral  roles . Three major types of individuals are found this caste System: workers .Soldiers and Reproductive . The species of termites can be determined  by physical characteristics of the soldier and winged reproductive.


Materials Damaged by Termites


The principal food of subterranean termite is cellulose, obtained from wood and other plant tissue. Termites therefore , feed on wooden portions of building utility poles , fence posts, or any other wood product . They are also damage paper ,fiberboard , and various types of fabric derived from cotton and other  plants. They occasionally are found in living plants.
The greatest economic impact is to the wood in building.

e. Conditions  Favouring  Subterranean
Termite Infestation

Subterranean termites become most aboundant  in moist, warm soil containing large supply of food in the foam of wood or other  cellulose material.  Such conditions often are found beneath building is where there is inadequate site drainage or poor ventilation and where scraps of lumber ,from  boards ,grade stakes , stumps  or roots are left in the soil. They invade most buildings through wood close to or in contact with the soil.



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