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188/28A, Brandiyawatta, Wellampitiya, Srilanka.
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Location : colombo / Wellampitiya
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Business name         : TERMINATORS Termite & Pest Management
Business Category     : Service
Shop address              : 188/28A, Brandiyawatta, Wellampitiya, Srilanka.
Contact no                  : 0117204553  |  0777787605 (Kandy Branch)
Mobile                         : 0777 810 282
Email                           : [email protected]
Web                             : www.terminatecontrol.asia
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Our Vision
We work for the total satisfaction of our customers by giving them quality services. We will also give back to the communities that we serve and make them better places to live.
Our Mission
The quality and honesty of these people is our specialty and asset. Through intelligent and state of the art service, we will develop a plan that will eliminate termite from your properties.
Termites cause a lot of damage. They eat up wood and bore holes and cause extensive damage worth in millions every year. But Termites feed slowly so there is no need to panic if they are discovered in one’s home. A few weeks or months may be needed to decide on a course of treatment.How to Kill Termites Using Soil Treatment Method Conventional soil treatments rely on creating a chemical barrier in the soil that is toxic to termites contacting it. Many also have repellent characteristics and termites avoid treated soil.What is a Chemical Barrier Treatment and How Does It Work? A liquid Chemical Barrier for controlling termites works by killing or repelling the subterranean termites. The termites are killed when entering the structure or killed when leaving the structure to return to the colony. There are specific termiticides that are considered a repellent chemical such as Masterline Permethrin or Talstar. Termites will stay away from the chemical because they have a sense for it and it repels them away from the treated area.
The tendency of repellent chemicals is to repel termites away from structures. Bifenthrin example of repellent chemicals. Repellent chemicals are primarily used in preconstruction treatments, preventative treatments and where fast control of subterranean termites is desired.The newest chemicals available are non-repellent for liquid chemical barrier they are designed to be totally non-repellent to subterranean termites. Termites cannot sense the chemical barrier and will continue to move about in the chemical. It is also great to use in spot treatment applications.How to Apply a Chemical Barrier for Termites? For Termite infestations that are simple you will not need expensive equipment. When you are treating an outside foundation and also Pier and Beam structures, you will find most termiticides are labeled and have specific instructions on how to treat the soil around the foundation for a chemical barrier. Bifenthrin great repellent types of termiticidesFIPRONIL 
FIPRONIL acts differently to other termite control products. When Fipronil is applied, little do foraging termites realize it, but when they enter treated soil; they unknowingly pick up ultra-low doses of Fipronil active ingredient. But that also don’t realize, is that this ultra-low dose of Fipronil is enough to threaten not only their own existence, but also that of many of their termite nastmates back at the colony. 
Due to Fipronil unique mode of action on termites, when Fipronil is applies; it not only protects structures, but manages the termite colony as well. No other product acts this way. Fipronil is used at very low dose rates so it will have minimal impact on the environment. Fipronil is soft on earthworms, soil microflora and plants. 
Please note that fipronil termiticde registered in Sri Lanka under Reg.No.A58 as a public health / household usage.

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