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Listing Type : Cleaning Service
Location : Ja-Ela / Thudella
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is leading company in Sri Lanka. We have been in cleaning business since 5 years.  Working experience USA and  Specially any type of cleaning machines are available and machines are operation in the field. We are happy to mention any given time our special cleaning team will take up quality jobs. such as initial cleaning any type of floor maintenance, carpet shampoo etc.

Our Cleaning Process

Daily General Cleaning

Removal of cobweb, high dusting, floor cleaning glass cleaning both inside and out side.

Cleaning of the entrance of your organization, stairs with the use of blowers at the early morning.
Cleaning of toilets with necessary chemicals to keep the highest sanitary standards.
Cleaning of carpets with the use of Vacuum Cleaners.
Sweeping and mopping of floors.
Cleaning of glasses of doors everyday.
All other services requested by the organization.
Weekly Services

High dusting

Vacuuming all carpets
Cleaning and scrub the tiles inside the toilets
Sweeping and mopping the whole floor
Cleaning all glass doors and windows both inside and outside
Extra work

High dusting

Cleaning tiles using the chemical and machine
Removal of cobwebs
Cleaning all glass doors and windows both inside and outside.
Vacum the carpet area and shampoo
Clean the floor area and apply floor sealer
Power washing outside area.

A special general cleaning may be requested in 06 months or yearly, if necessary. Under this service will come and do cleaning and polishing activities throughout the day.
This will improve the image of your organization.


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