Pidurangala Rock srilanka

Pidurangala Rock srilanka

Pidurangala is a beautiful and talked about place in Sri Lanka. It is correct if Pidurangala is the only place looking at Sigiri rock in 360 degrees.Pidurangala Rock has a long history and is believed by many to date back to the second century BC. Pidurangala is known as a place where King Kasyapa built a monastery for the arahants. In the past, it is said that King Kasyapa donated the Pidurangala temple to the Rahatan monks who were working at Sigiriya before the construction of the amazing Sigiri rock structure.Today, Pidurangala is one of the most overlooked places and Pidurangala, which is located near Sigiri Rock Fort, has a rich history.

Pidurangala, located 2.5 km north of Sigiriya, has a very beautiful rocky plateau that can be started in the same way as Sigiriya. When Sigiriya is the eighth wonder of the world, Pidurangala does not catch many eyes because most people do not come to Pidurangala after seeing Sigiriya.But today on social media like instagram facebook and seeing this sigiriya from pidurangala as well as various beautiful picture frames are shared, the decoration of pindurangala as well as the value of pidurangala is slowly coming to light. Apart from this, it is special that the people who visit Sigiriya are part of the Pidurangala tour.

According to legend, King Kasyapa, who usurped the throne after killing his father from 477 to 495 AD, feared the revenge of his brother, who was the rightful heir. Because of this, he was looking for a place of defense to take his palace and the king captured the Sigiri rock cave complex and took the monks under his patronage to a monastery called Pidurangala Uppalavanna Kasyapa Giri Viharaya.Another main legend is that this place, which was home to monks seeking solitude even before the time of King Kasyapa, lost its historical importance from the first and second centuries BC.If you come to visit Sigiriya, you must climb the Pidurangala rock and respect the beauty of Sigiriya and the historical history of Pidurangala.

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